We are very excited to welcome Jeffry Larson to the TIA Faculty!

Jeffry has had a long and varied career in music that spans over four decades. He began his musical studies at four years old when he started playing the violin. He picked up playing guitar and bass during his teenage years. Jeffry’s formal training includes extensive study of classical and jazz music culminating in a master’s degree in music performance from Northwestern University.

As a performer, Jeffry has experience across a wide spectrum of ensembles – from performing solo, to rock and jazz bands, to full symphonic orchestras. He served in the US Army band program for over twenty years and commander/conductor of several musical units. During this time, he supervised the training of dozens of musicians and led performances for audiences all over the world. Jeffry also served as the sole bass guitar instructor for the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps and developed a bass teaching curriculum that was approved for use at the U.S. Armed Forces School of Music.

Most importantly, Jeffry is not only a skilled and highly qualified musician and educator, but he comes to us highly recommended by his peers and he is committed to our mission and values.


Jeffry is currently offering private lessons on the following instruments:

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar

Acoustic (Upright) Bass

Contact us today to sign up for lessons with Jeffry or enroll in one of his upcoming classes: Electric Guitar Foundations (Saturdays @10AM starting April 12) or Bass Guitar Foundations (Saturdays @11AM, starting April 12).

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