Why are we offering visual art classes at the academy this winter? When TIA was first imagined, we knew it would be an academy of music because we are musicians. But the philosophy behind TIA is not exclusive to music. The truths that drive why we exist and how we teach ring true for all art:

  • All art has value
  • Art expresses a worldview
  • Meaning matters
  • Art can and should be more than just a product or a commodity, but also add value to and serve the needs of people

Elephant by Kristen M.

Our friend Kristin Meier is a talented artist and capable educator with twenty years of experience doing both in the Northwest. She and her husband John are dear friends of ours, share our academy values and mission, and have a family of their own.

The majority of the Kristin’s artwork is done with various grades of graphite and charcoal. She also uses pastels, prismacolors, and watercolor. We will begin this winter (starting in January) with Imagination Art as a part of our pilot program for including visual arts at the academy. Classes will be offered for grades K-3, 4-6, and 7-9 and meet late Saturday mornings or early afternoons. Four weeks of art classes covering three mediums: pencil, charcoal, and watercolors. Sign up for four weeks at a time, or all twelve weeks.

Call us today or get on the list now.

Tuition is just $20 per week

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  1. B. Mitsie Zieseniss says:

    I had commented earlier that my daughter might be intrested in the art classes, but my work schedule might be changing, so I might have to start woring saturdays. It looks like we probably won’t be able to do the art classes this session. 🙁

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