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In recent months, we have encountered many students that have come to us from other teachers. I am sad to say that many of these students have simply not been prepared well. Consistently we see students that are lacking in their basic musical understanding, in rhythmic interpretation, in reading, scales, and technique.

The reality is that there are many passionate, skilled, and capable music educators out there that love what they do and pour into students well, methodically preparing them and training them in the discipline and art of music. Unfortunately, there are also music teachers that simply teach music because they need to make some money, but they may not have understanding or the ability to teach well. And if they don’t love what they do it will surely be less than great.

At TIA, all of our teachers teach the arts because it is what we are called to do, because it is what we love to do, and because we care. We are extremely busy and rarely have openings in our schedule. But as a courtesy to the parents and students of this area, and because we care, we graciously make this offer to parents and students:

If you would like to have an assessment to see if you are being adequately prepared, I will gladly meet with you once according to TIA schedule openings (this may simply mean a 30-45 minute open window) free of charge. This is our gift to you. Another option may be that you can sit in on a class (if we have an opening) one time, tuition free, for the same assessment. Afterwards I would be delighted to have a phone conversation or email you with my perspective.

P.s. I promise you the assessment is not a time of intimidation or testing. Just a casual time of conversation and music making; you will probably even walk away learning something new.


Sean-David J. McGoran
Musician-Educator, The Tuned In Academy
The Tuned In Academy
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