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Piano Lab (ongoing class with open enrollment)

This is a great opportunity for students that have about a year of piano already and want to continue. This class meets Mondays 3:30-4PM. Tuition is just $40 a month, call today for details.

Piano Lab (Wednesdays @6:15-6:45PM)

This is a great opportunity for beginners. No experience necessary. Children will learn piano, have fun, and grow in a group environment. Tuition is just $40 per month and you won’t find an opportunity like this anywhere. This class is currently full.

Teen Chord Lab (ongoing class with open enrollment)

This 30-minute session meets Tuesdays 5-5:30PM and there is no need to learn to read music notation. This non-traditional approach will teach teens to learn to understand, play, and voice chords and to eventually read chord charts and create their own piano arrangements. Tuition is just $40 a month, which you won’t beat anywhere! Space is limited, call today.

Teen KAB (ongoing class with open enrollment)

The chord lab is an optional half class, the whole class continues Tuesdays 5:30-6PM in learning music notation reading for both left and right hands in a complete piano method. Tuition for the whole hour course is just $80 a month, call today for details.


Wind Instruments

Brass Lab (ongoing class with open enrollment)

We have a blast in Brass Lab. This class is a small group master class that works on all things brass from embouchure and breathing, articulation, scales, ear training, and of course, we learn new and interesting music and repertoire, and have a lot of fun.

This class meets Mondays 5:15-6:15PM and tuition is just $50 a month



Vox Acapella  and Jr. Vox Acapella (ongoing classes with open enrollment)

These are the perfect classes for the budding young vocalist. Each class showcases the beauty and power of the human voice with nothing but voices. These classes have open enrollment, so call now to join in the fun! Students learn vocal and breathing technique, harmonize, sing in solfege, learn new original arrangements, make friends, and have a lot of fun!

Jr. Vox Acapella (2-6th grade) meets Wednesdays 2:30-3:30PM

Vox Acapella (7th grade and up) meets Fridays 1-2PM

The classes you see listed on this page are ongoing with openings


Space is limited so contact us today!

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