Leadership: Everything rises and falls on leadership. At Tuned In, we take leadership seriously. From the beginning, we decided that the academy would have 360 leadership in place by the end of year two, and we are on track for that.360_Feedback_Logo

This means that the academy is an organization you can trust, with consistent and considerate leadership.

Faculty to Faculty: Academy faculty are not just musician-educators that do their own thing in their own classrooms and lessons. All Tuned In, faculty are in regular communication with each other, offering accountability, careful evaluation, peer-to-peer mentoring, and offering constructive feedback and mirroring when necessary.

Mentor/Student to Faculty: As part of our mentor-study program, launching this summer (2014), all student mentors will meet monthly with the academy faculty for their important evaluation, offering constructive feedback and mirroring from a student/mentor perspective.

Advisory Board to Faculty: A Well-Selected Advisory board establishes consistency of mission, adds credibility to an organization, and is an important part of partnership for meeting the needs of the community through networked giving.

Recruiting and training an advisory board is the next step in putting this 360 leadership in to place. We intend to implement this in the fall or winter of 2014.

This advisory board will free up the Tuned In faculty to focus on the primary task of teaching music, making music, and seeking to make deepening relational connections with students, families, and the community.



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